• Category : Web Development
  • Date :January 2017
  • Industry :Pressure Cleaning Company

Project Brief:

The owner of this local pressure cleaning service approached Digital Ascent Solutions for help with promoting his website more effectively online. At the time, the company did not have an actual website and only had a bare-bones Facebook page that was infrequently updated. Our team went to work on establishing a more results-oriented online presence for the firm through the creation of a new site and other steps.

The company now enjoys a top ranking for the original city that we tackled, and the owner has hired us to perform the same service to expand it into another city.


Step 01

Gather Requirements

Digital Ascent Solutions started this project by analyzing the pressure cleaning company’s online presence, which was paltry at the time. It almost entirely rested on a very basic Facebook page that wasn’t updated very often, and social signals were nil.

Digital Marketing Company Florida

Step 02

Propose a Solution

Our team assisted the client with renting an actual website, which we then optimized for carefully researched keywords that were highly relevant to the company’s niche, industry and target region.

Digital Marketing Company Florida

Step 03

Generate Results

We customized the website thoroughly to make it more amenable to the client’s goals, which included broadening the company’s online presence. Our team then launched a Google Ads campaign that centered around remarketing the business on YouTube and Facebook. The owner opted to pay per generated lead and was pleased with the effectiveness and affordability of this service.

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