What You Need to Know About SEO: Complete Guide for 2020

Whether you are relatively new to the world of digital marketing or have been at it for years, you are probably already well aware of the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO, when it comes to the success and visibility of your website. Major search engines like Google are continuously tweaking and adjusting their algorithms to ensure that the most relevant results are delivered to users, and this means that you have to stay on your toes and stay on top of the latest SEO trends for best results. Read on to learn about eight important aspects of SEO that should be on your radar for 2020.

  1. Optimal Digital Experiences – In 2020, there is no excuse for having a website that doesn’t deliver a quality digital experience to users. More than ever, people expect sites to load in a heartbeat upon landing on them; if your site takes more than even a few seconds to load – whether mobile or desktop – your bounce rate will go up exponentially. You need to be able to convey your primary message in an instant as well, so avoid unfamiliar jargon and keep your content approachable and user friendly.
  2. Rich Snippets – Google has embraced the use of rich snippets like never before. If you aren’t familiar with the term, this refers to the list of questions and drop-down menus that appear when you perform a search. The search engine’s goal is to connect people with the information that they need as quickly as possible; if they find promising information in a rich snippet in the SERPs, they typically click through to the actual website. Incredibly, around 54 percent of clicks on the SERPs come from rich snippets. Make your featured snippet pop by carefully addressing the most frequently asked questions regarding your products, services or provided topics.
  3. Search Engines Beyond Google – Sure, Google reigns supreme when it comes to generating relevant, quality traffic for a website. However, it’s important in 2020 not to forget that not everyone relies solely on the king of search engines. Other options, including Bing and DuckDuckGo, for example, are preferred by certain audiences. Therefore, it is in your best interest to analyze your target audience and where they tend to perform searches. From there, research the content requirements for their preferred search engine and optimize your site accordingly.
  4. Voice Search – In the early days of SEO, keywords and key phrases were modeled after the way in which people typed queries into Google. Increasingly, however, people rely on voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to search the internet. Therefore, it pays to optimize your content so that it is easily found by people who are using voice assistants. You should also keep in mind that many people perform voice searches via their mobile devices, so it’s even more imperative than ever that you have a mobile-friendly website – or you will miss out on a great deal of relevant traffic in 2020.
  5. Security – Internet users are warier about online security than ever. That’s especially true now that major search engines like Google deliver “not secure” warnings to people who attempt to access sites that don’t have the HTTPS protocol enabled. If you have not done so already, then, make sure that your site is up to par in this regard. Otherwise, your bounce rate will fly through the roof when people are presented with ominous security warnings. This all ties into the importance of providing a great user experience – and it can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your SEO.
  6. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence is coming into its own, and chances are that your competitors are increasingly using it to more deftly optimize their websites and to attract relevant traffic. Although it sounds futuristic and complex, there are simple ways to implement effective AI on even the most basic website. In 2020,  it is a priority to invest in AI for SEO software, which is more widely available and effective than ever. As it happens, 80 percent of firms that adopt AI report fast, positive changes, so the investment is sure to be well worth it.
  7. Quality Content – It’s no secret that quality content is among the most crucial aspects of winning the SEO game. That is truer than ever in 2020, so if you haven’t made it a priority, it’s time to get with the program. Quality content is relevant, useful, engaging and timely. It should be researched well and have a logical structure that makes it easy to navigate. Include creative touches like anecdotes in your content to make it more appealing to users, and make sure to generate fresh, new content on a regular basis to stay on top of the SERPs.
  8. Miscellaneous SEO Factors – Finally, there are several small but important things that you should analyze and tweak if necessary to bring your SEO up to par for 2020. Prioritize the use of headings and subheadings to allow for easy scanning and to provide a positive user experience. Use Google Analytics to determine which articles perform well and their typical structure and length, and then adjust future content accordingly. Take time to go back through older content and to include links to newer topics – and vice versa – to help and boost the visibility of your site’s content as a whole.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about implementing these and other best SEO practices for 2020, you’re not alone – and you’re not out of luck. By working with a reliable and proven digital marketing agency, you can easily whip your SEO and online marketing into shape for the new year. Digital Ascent Solutions is here to help. We provide a broad array of effective digital marketing services, including SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, website design, website redesign, online reputation management, lead generation and more. With our help, your site will go into 2020 with polished, effective SEO that’s certain to give you amazing results.