Lead Generation via Digital Assets Rental

Our SEO Lead Generation Service, Pay Per Qualified Call!

Why build a website when you can rent one?

The principle is simple: we construct white label digital assets (Website, Social Profiles, Maps Listings) that are specific to your company’s service and covered area.

We’ll then optimize these assets to generate qualified calls for you.

Hence, the assets are necessarily “rented” out and you can start getting exclusive leads the next day. Our pricing model is focused on results:

  • Price per Qualified Call
  • Flat Fee (one we have enough data)

Avoid Traditional Channels and Rent Digital Assets

Rent Digital Assets

Compared with buying a website, renting one from Digital Ascent Solutions is a more cost-effective way to quickly rank high in the SERPs and to generate leads, so you can hit the ground running.

Results-Based Pricing

With Digital Ascent Solutions, you can opt for results-based pricing instead of paying a higher, flat SEO fee. Only pay for qualified leads that are generated through the SEO that we perform.

Traditional Channels for Leads Don’t Work

Popular options for generating online leads like Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack aren’t optimal because competition is fierce; such services are expensive; and the leads that are generated are wildly hit-or-miss.

Why is this better than Thumbtack, Home Advisor or Yelp?

Digital Ascent Solutions is cheaper since we send leads to only one business owner. What Thumbtack, Home Advisor and Yelp do is the exact opposite: they distribute leads across several business owners, resulting in a bidding war between themselves. Furthermore, they have incentives in sending you billed calls regardless if they are looking for your service or not. You have your website? Read more about our SEO suite of services.




What is the main Advantage for you?

This provides an enormous advantage to the business owner such as yourself. These digital assets do not have upfront costs when being built and can start lead generation the next day once they’re online.

Furthermore, we’ll offer to brand these white label assets using the project materials and logo the business owner has on hand. Business owners will get the best assets on the market to enhance their brand, and only pay for any real leads received that have been fully qualified.

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